Is there anyone out there who loves insect? I do and before I tell you how you can help them, I want to tell you how they help you.
Here are some of my favorite insects:

Honey Bees:
Honey Bees help us in more ways than one. They make us one of our favorite sweets, Honey.
They also helps us through a process called pollination. Pollination is where bees goes from flower to flower and spread pollen. Spreading the pollen helps flowers reproduce to make more flowers.

They can be creepy to some but they help us too.
Spiders help us by eating all the insects that can overpopulate. So overall they help us through population control.

Lady Bugs:
Lady Bugs help us and our Gardens.
They protect our plants and gardens by eating all the insects that can destroy our gardens.

As you can see insects help us, that's why we should help them. Here are some links to great organizations that help insects.

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